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Child Custody Battles

I recently went through some protracted court procedures involving my ex wife of twelve years and our eight year old child. It was grueling, tedious, and something I never want to go through again. There were times where I thought perhaps I was not going to see my child again. My wife of the time had drummed up some incredible accusations on me about infidelity and emotional abuse etc. She even said I was emotionally abusive towards our child, and this deeply hurt me. I suppose it was in an attempt to gain ground in the proceedings after the courts had been taking forever to get us through this mess. Still, my name was being dragged through the mud, and it was really unnecessary. However divorce can get ugly. Now I'm not one to gossip or get into "he said she said", so I won't reiterate some of my own thoughts and suspicions about my ex wife, but shortly after being in court with my initial lawyer and not having the confidence this was going my way I decided I needed some extra help. She was winning over the court with her sob story and I couldn't go down without a fight.

I had remembered that shortly before this three ring divorce circus rolled into town I had been having an issue with identity theft. Someone had stolen my credit card and had attempted to make some purchases online. Because of my diligence I noticed the suspicious activity on my account and shut it down before more damage was done. To make a long story short I found a website that provided me with some identity theft protection advice and I also noticed that they advised in other legal matters including divorce and child custody battles. My current lawyer wasn't working out, so I decided to retrace my steps and get in touch with the people at legal-yogi . to see what they had to say about lawyers for divorce, and more specifically attorneys for child custody. When I spoke the nice folks at they mentioned certain things to focus on when going through a custody battle.

- Gage what the court will consider important and relevant when deciding who will get custody.
- Do mothers get custody more often than fathers?
- Who decides the outlines of custody and visitation rights?
- If I choose to move out of my marital home and leave my children with my spouse, will it hurt my chances of custody? advised me over the phone and through Email on how to approach this difficult situation. They provided me with a list of lawyers with the experience and professionalism required to fight for my paternal rights in court. It wasn't long before I knew all I needed to know about child support and custody lawyers. hooked me up with an child custody attorney who knew exactly how to turn my case around. Although I didn't end up getting everything I wanted (you never do), I did feel like my desires were properly presented in court and I didn't end up looking like the bad guy in the end.


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